Warehousing - a complex of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the storage of goods and cargo, their correct and rational distribution with all the necessary storage conditions.

"Express Bureau" - dynamically and steadily growing logistics company which precisely tracks all the latest trends in the freight market. Modern logistics company is obliged to provide storage services, so we pay this service much attention, and consulting our experts on storage, we can meet all your needs related to the transportation and storage of cargo on its route.

We pay great attention to the organization of storage facilities and provide a wide range of options in this field, and are willing to offer you a variety of storage conditions of the goods and the goods in accordance with your needs.

We guarantee the safety of your goods and provide reliable fire safety. Staff serving storage space, specially trained and fully competent to ensure proper storage conditions.

By contacting us on issues of transportation and storage, you'll appreciate the professionalism of our specialists, they will help you to find the most efficient and least expensive way to organize your tasks in the field of transportation and logistics. Express Bureau was created in order to provide you the most comfortable conditions for business: you do not have to deal with transportation, warehousing, cargo clearance, as we take care of the full range of services in this field.

We are always open for cooperation and ready to help with any questions from the field of transportation.