Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

The range of additional services provided by the company "Express Bureau" on request, include a service of cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance - a type of property insurance that is used to protect the cargo from the transport risks (damage, loss, destruction of cargo) during     transport from the shipper to the consignee by different types of transport.

Many customers who are involved in the carriage of goods, often face problems in the event of damage or total destruction of the cargo during its       transportation. Cargo insurance makes transport operations as safe as possible.

The possibility of incurring financial losses arises in the implementation of any international shipping, regardless of the contract of carriage or a transport-forwarding service. No matter how perfect the logistics was, no matter how seriously was guarded cargo, accidental circumstances can always take place.

In this situation, the best form of guarantee - cargo insuranceExpress Bureau offers a full range of insurance services for transportation of products manufactured by your company, send any kind of transport abroad.

We will provide you with:

- a maximum dual protection of your goods / property;

- guaranteed operational benefits in the insurance case;

- and most importantly - the pleasure from foreign trade.

Terms of cargo insurance, used in "Express Bureau" can provide coverage against accidents and dangers of different modes of transport.