Customs clearance

Customs clearance (customs declaration or a customs clearance of goods) means submission to the customs authority all the required documents and payment of customs duties.

Usually the list of documents required for passing the procedure of declaring goods includes shipping and permissive documents (a reference to the list is in the useful information section), as well as customs declarations are made out of goods.

Package Requirements for documents may be dictated by factors such as the direction (import or export of client's goods), the objectives of movement of goods across the customs border, the conditions of their transportation, the choice of the customs regime, form of payment between the partners, as well as, of course, the product code by the product nomenclature of foreign economic activity. (CNFEA; HS)

Our competitive advantages in the service of the customs representative:

We offer a full custom consulting: assignment of HS codes, listing the necessary permits, calculation of customs duties in the services of customs clearance, inspection formats of shipping documents, assist in the development of foreign trade contracts, etc.

We provide our customers the conformity clearance, exemption letters, conclusions of Export Control for dual-use goods and other approvals.

We are implementing major projects on customs clearance of imported industrial equipment: assistance in obtaining classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, providing for exemption from customs duties and VAT on imported equipment coming in as a contribution to the charter capital of the enterprise with foreign investments.

In addition, we offer services in advance and e-declaration of goods to all our customers.

Preliminary declaration allows submitting customs declaration for foreign goods before they arrive at the customs territory of the Russian Federation, which reduces the time of customs clearance for at least one to two days.

Electronic declaration also decreases time of clearance by promptly communicating the declarer (broker) with the customs inspector in real time on electronic communication channels.